Tuesday, August 26, 2008

William B.J. Lawson

I commented about Ron Paul and gave a very brief description of a few of the things he stands for, as well as explained what the Campaign for Liberty is. Today I bring up another politician that I have come to support. The funny thing is he is running for a House of Representatives seat in North Carolina. But what I find fascinating about him is that he is only 34 years old (Ron Paul is more than twice his age). He is challenging Congressman David Price who has held the office for all but two years since January 1987.

B.J. Lawson went through medical school but dropped out to launch a software company that allowed doctors to access employee records via their blackberry or other PDA. It grew to over 70 employees, and he later sold the company. I respect him for taking a big risk leaving a medical career that surely would have been quite lucrative (doctors generally make the big bucks after paying their dues, as i'm sure you are aware of). He has become a student of economics and the markets, as well as the constitution. He has very similar views to Ron Paul and has appeared at more than one Ron Paul speaking engagement and will be in the Twin Cities to emcee an event this Sunday night. What I am most excited about is the youthfulness that this brings to the Campaign for Liberty and conservatism, and I believe that while Ron Paul is the name and face of this movement, it surely will not last if the movement is based on one person and the success of that individual.

B.J. Lawson's website is http://www.lawsonforcongress.com/ check it out if you are interested.

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james1844 said...


Just saw your posting on BJ - any way we can get in contact?

I'm at james (dot) c (dot) Hendrickson@gmail.com

I'm also a bit Lawson supporter and wanted to see what we could do to work together to promote him.