Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chuck Baldwin for President

Ron Paul has recently endorsed the Constitution Party’s Candidate Chuck Baldwin. This came a few days after his press conference at the National Press Club, where four of the major third party candidates (Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Bob Barr) agreed to four main points. To see these points, see the link below:

Four Points

At the last second, Bob Barr decided to not join the other three candidates as well as Ron Paul at the press conference. The purpose of the press conference was to show that there are several points agreed upon by the third parties, as well to call out the two-party system. Ron Paul calls it “a charade” and believes there is little difference between the stances of the two major candidates, simply different rhetoric. Bob Barr decided to not attend because of Ron Paul’s neutrality and for his not throwing support behind any one candidate.

This action by Bob Barr literally killed his campaign. I, as well as many other Republicans who will not vote for McCain, have decided to vote for Chuck Baldwin. I previously wrote a blog about Bob Barr and that my intentions were to cast my vote for him. I since have decided against it, as I have extreme amounts of respect for Ron Paul in comparison to Bob Barr, and I have to trust Ron Paul’s judgment (as I agree with him on almost every issue). To me there is little difference between the libertarian party and the constitution party, so making the switch to Chuck Baldwin is no problem at all. Some have said that we must vote for McCain solely so that Obama will not win. This argument is made every four years, and while I respect those who have this argument, I couldn’t disagree more. Chuck Baldwin’s political positions are much, much closer to mine than are John McCains. As a constitutionalist and a conservative, I will not be voting for John McCain. I follow Ron Paul’s choice, and I will be voting for Chuck Baldwin. Again, if your argument is that we cannot vote for someone who has no chance of winning, I respect your choice in how you think it is best to vote, but I think it is time we stop playing this two-party game and make a move toward a multi-party system, allowing Americans a REAL choice. Who are you going to support between McCain and Obama if you don’t believe the bail out was a good idea? It does not matter – they have the same view. I will be voting third party, and I encourage anyone who is not happy with their party’s candidate, to consider the same.

Chuck Baldwin's Campaign Site

In RP’s own words

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