Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Norm Coleman or Al Franken?

My answer to the above question is simple: Neither.

I am planning on voting for Dean Barkley in the upcoming Senate election. Dean Barkley was Jesse Ventura’s campaign manager when he won governor a few years back, and he was appointed to the Senate following the tragic death of Paul Wellstone. Dean Barkley announced his candidacy this summer after Jesse Ventura decided against a Senate run. I am excited about a number of his positions, which include opposition to the war on drugs, opposition to the war in Iraq, balancing the budget (ACTUALLY balancing the budget), and also protection of Constitutional Rights.

I truly believe that we need change. Lots of politicians throw around the word change, but the extremely low approval rating of both President Bush and Congress shows that people are simply not happy with the way Government has been functioning. I’m one of those, and perhaps you are. We can not go to the polls on election day, vote for the same people that are in office, and expect that change to come about. It is a lot easier for me to support someone like Dean Barkley because I’ve made a conscious choice that on election day I will not vote for someone whose views I do not agree with. Dean Barkley’s political positions are much closer to mine than are Coleman’s and of course Franken’s. Needless to say, I throw my support behind Dean Barkley and I encourage you to look into his campaign yourself.

Dean Barkley’s Campaign Site

”Minnesota's politicians are no different. Sen. Norm Coleman has presided over a more than $3 trillion increase in the debt and Al Franken has offered more government spending that we simply cannot afford.”
-Dean Barkley

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