Saturday, September 27, 2008

Observations of Afghanistan

I just read a very insightful post on another blog, called Where in the World is Miel... It talks about some of her observations of Afghanistan, specifically why they are no better off today then when the USA went over after 9/11. She has been working there for over a year now, working on an international development project in the area of higher education. Take a look, its pretty interesting:

They Hate Us


jpberthiaume said...

It's not really a ground-breaking assessment that the Afghans don't like us. Some of their people attacked us and we retaliated. Of course they aren't going to like us.

Second, I'm not sure how she is prepared to make "worse off than before" statements when she hasn't been there since before we took care of business.

In any case, I guess we believe what we want to believe...

DC said...

You should probably respond to her blog post on HER blog