Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support of a Free Internet

Most people do not know what Net Neutrality is, nor can they comprehend an internet where they can only access certain things depending on which provider they are customers of. This is a new issue that has not hit the mainstream, but is very important when it comes to protection of freedom of speech which does not involve providers picking and choosing what content will be allowed to be viewed by their customers. Why would they do this? Ultimately it comes down to, as many things do, money. For example, if some political group did not like (I can think of a few…) they could pay Comcast or some other ISP (Internet Service Provider) to slow down or not allow to show up on your browser. Therefore, the neutrality of the internet is essential for it to remain the free resource that it has always been. Here is a video that is on the front page of YouTube for most viewed videos today:

This brings up a whole other issue: as the internet becomes increasingly important in the everyday lives of people all across the world, would it not make sense that politicians be knowledgable about this issue? Of course, there is somewhat of a generation gap as most 70+ year olds don’t use or know much about the internet. Of course there are other important issues facing Americans, but should a presidential candidate really be completely ignorant about the internet and what net neutrality is?* That is a question that I think will gain influence in the coming years and decades.

Net neutrality is a little more complex than it seems at first. Ron Paul opposes it, and it is because government (under the bills that have been introduced in Congress) would have oversight and actually be able to act as a filter of the internet. This video is a little bland but the information is great:

This is just some things that should help you start thinking about what your views are on net neutrality, as well as what you personally think is the best way of going about it. Be it through government oversight as Barack Obama proposes, or be it through a private group who will be watchdogs. Either way, I think we can all agree that keeping the internet as open and unfiltered as possible is the best option.

*Jon McCain is ignorant of medical marijuana and its potential benefits, so its not surprising to see his ignorance on other issues.


The Lizmiester said...

This is a huge problem.... not the issue of net neutrality, the issue of 1.) paranoia and 2.) this idea that the government is the cure-all for everything. Do you really believe that the government stepping in and trying to "correct the wrongs of free enterprise" will do ANYTHING? (Look at Freddy and Fannie Mae, an example of the government stepping into the housing market and look at how well THAT worked out) Free markets work, and people that disagree use our current economic situation as an example that they don't, but I want to ask those that say that this question: How free are our markets now? Also, I want to point out the issue of paranoia that is very prevalent in our society. Lets take your scenario:

A political group disagrees with do you honestly believe that Comcast or any other ISP will take the time to block your website from other users? Don't you think that if you couldn't access your web page, you might raise a stink? Maybe if it were one website it wouldn't be a big deal, but think about how many people create websites that disagree with topics. Blocking all of them would be a full time job for someone. Do you think Comcast would pay someone full-time wages to manage this? Look at YouTube, one of the biggest websites around, do you think Comcast would block YouTube if people were putting stuff on their website other people didn't agree with? I really think people need to relax a little and realize that their speech is one of thee most protected freedoms we have and if we took as much time looking into real issues instead of these superficial ones maybe America would be running more smoothly.

And my final point... COME ON do you REALLY think John McCain doesn't know what the Internet is? And who cares if he doesn't know how to use it... How easy is it to learn? Let's focus on REAL issues like, I dunno, foreign policy. I know, shocker.

DC said...
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DC said...


If you knew ANYTHING about my political positions you would know that I don't believe government stepping in is going to fix anything, I believe just the opposite! Your first paragraph totally misinterpreted what my views are. Where are you getting this that it is my view?? Honestly, I'm confused. Do you think I support the government bailout? I'm sorry, I just don't get's like you are arguing as though I would support government regulation of the internet...yet I clearly would not (did you watch the second video?) I agree with you, which is why I'm confused...

And the second paragraph, I was just using my site as an example. Did you even watch the second video? From your response it seems you did not, but I could be wrong...

And as far as Jon McCain's foreign policy, I couldn't agree less. I have blogged about it, so I don't know if you are saying PEOPLE should care more about foreign policy or what? Or me?

Sorry Liz, I'm sure you had good intentions but the fact I agree with you on government intervention making things worse I guess I don't know if your arguing with me, or Obama supporters, or who?

DC said...

Okay so victoria just informed me that you did not watch the second video...which explains what I believe makes the most sense with this issue...but now i understand your response a LITTLE better, but let me make myself clear, and I think most people who know me know this about me: I am NOT in favor of government intervention. That is my political stance.

The Lizmiester said...

You are taking way too much offense to what I said. Your post asked for discussion about the topic and I gave my view. I'll take note for next time

DC said...

Offense? More like confusion.