Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Videos concerning the Bailout

Just a few videos concerning yesterdays events:

1) Ron Paul's speech before the vote on the bill

2) Ron Paul after the vote

3) Sarah Palin in support of the Bailout:

A few notes on the Sarah Palin bit: I wasn't aware that the bailout involved healthcare. Then she starts talking about lowering taxes? In connection with the bailout? Hmm thats an interesting connection...Considering the bailout actually heaps a ton of burden onto the taxpayers. Interesting theory, but sorry Sarah Palin, I don't think anyone is buying that.

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Budsy Jean said...

Please, DC! No more on Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin has ADD. She can't even complete a sentence before her brain is thinking of something else. Then, her mouth starts spewing forth that information, adding to an incoherent cesspool of words. If there is an intelligible idea in there somewhere, it is nowhere to be found. Someone should tell her that, in many circumstances, less is more. She needs a lot more "school'n".

World leaders she has met are more impressed with how "attractive" she is than what she says. Pathetic.