Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why I will not vote for Jon McCain

Why I will not vote for Jon McCain:

He is promoting the continuation of a failed foreign policy, and a morally detrimental foreign policy. He wants to continue a war against a third world nation that never committed an act of aggression against the United States. In an unprecedented move, we attacked them because they “might” attack us at some future date. The war was never approved by Congress; according to the Constitution the president does not have any authority to wage a war at his willing it must be approved by Congress. This never happened though. Jon McCain is for lower taxes, supposedly but really what is bankrupting us is continuing our world empire with permanent military bases in over 100 countries. We can’t afford to be so militarily involved throughout the world, and it also makes our nation less safe. Jon McCain does not believe medical marijuana is true; he believes that there are better medicines. This is pure ignorance, as anyone who looks into the issue realizes this is just not true. The war on drugs has cost billions and billions and many lives have been lost due to it. Alcohol is more harmful than most drugs that are illegal, yet for some reason this failed ‘war against drugs’ continues. McCain won’t even address that issue. Supposedly McCain has the solution to the economy, yet when asked what his economic plan was in a debate he said he would ask his staff and cabinet members as they know more about him and he’s not educated in that field. Maybe if the federal reserve stopped printing money then just maybe inflation wouldn’t be skyrocketing. In fact, the federal reserve is an illegal central bank that should be ended, but McCain won’t address anything about the economy because he’s not an expert of course. He believes its okay to hold ‘enemy combatants’ indefinitely (often for more than a few years) without charging them, giving them no way of trying to prove their innocence. There has been American citizens thrown into these prisons with no formal charges, who are guilty of nothing. Jon McCain has not shown enough support of personal privacy, personal liberty, and smaller and limited government. This is just the beginning of the problems I have with him. Don’t let anyone tell you Jon McCain is conservative, because he is not.

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The Lizmiester said...

So if your not voting for McCain, who will you vote for. I think that although he is not perfect, the alternative is much more scary.