Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bailout Unconstitutional - Norm Coleman Simply Wrong

Ron Paul talks about the bailout bill, and yet again he hits it spot on. The bailout allows government to interfere with contracts. Clearly this is wrong, and I think anyone who understands the Constitution and contract law will agree. It's sad how almost every day I stumble upon yet another aspect of the bailout legislation that is unconstitutional, unjust, bleeds the taxpayers, and/or gives government more power over the American People. Also today I got a long letter from Senator Norm Coleman explaining his stance on the bailout bill. It basically said he did not like the bill, he was not happy, but he just had to vote for it that there really was no other option. Right. So you did not have a choice, but Michelle Bachmann did? Interesting.

Read this article filled with quotes that should not be coming from a Senator who is supposedly conservative. Coleman is a FAR cry from the conservative representatives we need.

Here is a much more sensible explanation from Michelle Bachmann

In other words: Every American who has played it safe and smart to avoid debt is being asked to spend the rest of his or her life paying off the debts of Washington and Wall Street. We are well on our way to privatizing profit but socializing risk. We're well on our way to eliminating moral hazard from economics altogether. This is antithetical not only to the free-market basis of our economy, but also to the rich heritage of liberty we've long enjoyed. It runs counter to the American Dream, unless you're a fat cat rolling the dice with taxpayer dollars.

I am extremely lucky to have someone like this representing me in Congress, and I will proudly give her my vote this November.

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