Friday, October 3, 2008

Bill Passed With Little Resistance

Well, the national debt took a big jump today. Wall Street was bailed out, and a dangerous precedent of 'bailing out' private businesses by United States Taxpayers was set. The government believes that it has the ability to prevent recession by pulling our nation into deeper debt. It believes that it can artificially prop up the economy, and turn around the capitalist market. They don't believe that this will cause long-term problems, nor do they even consider that notion.

The debate in the house was not about the economic implications, long-term effects, and what kind of precedents this bill will set. There was not debate about whether this is the most effective use of taxpayer money, or the details of the bill. There were few that would step up and bring up the problems with the bill, the reasons why it shouldn't be passed, and the economics of the bill. Instead, we have representative after representative who join with the popular opinion because they know that it will be easier to defend that position than to defend the RIGHT position. Congratulating each other for their leadership on the bill, for their support on the bill, it is almost like peer pressure has taken over these individuals and the ability to think independently is non-existent. What I was happy about was that there were 171 members of the House of Representatives that did not change their vote. They were not going to be swayed over to vote for a bill that did not make sense. They kept a level head. I'm glad that Michelle Bachman was one of these who did not change their vote:

Is there really no choice? Both Presidential Candidates, our President, and the masses of the Senate and the House of Representatives support the bailout legislation. They are all thinking short-term, not long-term. I believe it is Congress' duty to figure out how legislation they pass will help towards a solution in terms of the original problem. $700 billion is a lot of money. It is your money, it is my money, it is American Taxpayer's money. It is our right that they use our money only with the most rigorous questioning as to whether it is the proper use. It should only be used when it is unquestionably in the best interest of the American People. It is obvious that this did not happen today.

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