Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Doubletalk Express

These two videos speak for themselves.

Sarah Palin. I'm scratching my head as to how this is a "great" Vice Presidential choice. Not just because of things that the below video shows, but for many reasons.

As well as my favorite compilation of John McCain's bits:

Say what you want about these videos, negative or positive, but I believe that we need to keep politicians honest. I will post tomorrow about the bailout legislation.


jpberthiaume said...

Just curious: what is your beef with these clips? They are edited down to not include full answers (even worse than the liberal media's version of them). If you want to be unsure of her position on things, you are just as well served to not listen to anything she says than 1/8th of a sound byte. If you have particular issue with something she says in there, I'd be curious to know what it is.

Oh, and Biden will make a LOVELY VP choice.

DC said...

Last time I checked, I didn't support Biden so I don't know who that was directed at?

jpberthiaume said...

Well, my point is that you do by not supporting McCain-Palin.

But, also, where is the criticism for Obama and Biden? You could really draw a nice contrast between the guys in the weeds that you are supporting and Obama/Biden.

DC said...

Judd, you are right, I have been putting a lot about McCain on, and just recently Palin. So I can understand where your coming from. I guess i'm just more frustrated with McCain, I mean Obama is a liberal so what he does is more expected but as a republican not happy with the parties presidential choice it has made me concentrate on him more. I will try to put more Obama/Biden material on the site. I don't want anyone to be confused, I am definitely not an Obama/Biden supporter. I do think I have been actively writing about third parties and people I plan on voting for, but yeah your right that the obama material has been lacking, I will work on it.

jpberthiaume said...

Part of why I think it would be helpful is because part of the crew you want to attract in the future are the McCain voters. It seems like it takes away from your message (at this point -- maybe not when the election is over) to rip on McCain (and thus his contingent) when, really, a lot of them would vote for the same guy as you if your guy was in the thick of the race. I'm one of them -- I would likely vote for Ron Paul if he had a chance to win (because he would nominate similar justices that McCain would and stands better on economic issues). Being my voting strategy is different than yours, I'm not. But, both of us should be united in saying that Obama is the WORST possible choice, even if we have our differences on voting methods.

Bart said...

One of the things that attracted me to the libertarian/Ron Paul camp was its criticism of Obama and the liberals becuase I felt they were more powerful and reasonable criticisms than those I often hear these days by Republicans. So in that respect I agree with JP, it is important to highlight our big differences with the Democratic view.