Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good old Norm

Statement from Norm Coleman:

September 29th, 2008 - Washington, D.C. - “Failure to address the financial crisis is not an option. Capital is the lifeblood of our financial system, and today that system is in danger of a complete meltdown. This crisis touches each and every Minnesotan. Jobs, retirement savings, and access to credit are all at stake. We must try again – these are times that call for statesmanship, not partisanship. I remain hopeful that we can act on a bipartisan compromise that addresses the crisis while at the same time protecting taxpayers and holding Wall Street accountable. We are facing an unprecedented financial crisis, and all of us, Democrats and Republicans, Congress and the Administration, must find a way forward for Minnesota families and our economy. Now is the time for action and I am hopeful that we can come together and pass a package that will have real reform – no golden parachutes, no blank check, and above all, protect the American taxpayer. We must have real results that will stabilize our financial markets and return liquidity to the system.”

Norm Coleman is facing fierce competition for his Senatorial Seat in Al Franken. After reading this response, I think it is obvious what Coleman is planning on doing if he faces the choice of bailout or no bailour: bailout. He will spin it a certain way, making it seem like it is a bill that doesn't hurt taxpayers, that is necessary, etc. Basically, he is trying to sidestep this whole situation: vote yes on the bill, but make it seem like a necessity. If he shot it down, he would face relentless attacks from Al Franken. But the thing is, as a Conservative, there is no reason he should be voting for a bill that inevitably puts the burden on taxpayers. Basically, we would be forced to buy junk that is worthless, there is no getting around this. Awaiting the vote today on the 'new' version of the bailout, I would be extremely shocked to see Coleman voting against it. He might not be killing his campaign, but he will be shooting himself in the foot with approval of the bailout.

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