Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Cut Government Spending - and solve a few other problems while we're at it

Today I was just thinking of a few ways the government could cut spending (and in turn, the size of government). Why do we need to cut spending? Last time I checked we were over $10 trillion dollars in debt.

1) End the War on Drugs - tax marijuana as a commodity

This is the most obvious solution i.m.o. Look at the
Drug Clock for this year. We have spent billions upon billions on this unsuccessful attempt at prohibition. Don't forget about the tax dollars spent to incarcerate all the 'criminals' (over 20 million have been arrested on drug charges) and the long prison terms that some receive. The amount of money that could be saved is astounding. Not to mention if it is taxed like cigarettes the government could pull in a ton of tax dollars.

2) End American Military Imperialism

According to Ron Paul, this is one of the main policy decisions that will bankrupt America. America cannot afford to have troops all over the world, nor should we be intruding on other nations sovereignty as we have. How would we feel if foreign troops were permanently stationed in the United States? Probably pretty upset (at least we should be). There are
737 Permanent U.S. military bases worldwide. We have over 70,000 permanent troops in Germany. We are over $10 trillion in debt.

3) Abolish the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is a private bank that has no oversight whatsoever. They can print money whenever they feel the need to. When extra money is printed, there is inevitably inflation. You might not know this, but inflation is a tax. Don't believe me? Bernanke admitted this not too long ago (surprisingly).

Also, apparently they have some insider knowledge about what the interest rate should be. Seems to be working out really well.

4) Abolish the Department of Education

No where in the constitution does it say that the federal government should have anything to do with education. Also, last time I checked, it did say any of those powers not stated in the Constitution were reserved for the states. Abolishing the Department of Education would cut out a big chunk of un-Constitutional Bureaucracy, as well as bring influence on education closer to where it belongs: in the hands of parents.

5) Leave the United Nations

The United Nations infringes on the sovereignty of the United States. It violates the Constitution, which is literally the rulebook for government.
Don't just take my word.

I would hate to take credit and call these 'original ideas' because obviously they are not. What politician supports these initiatives? If you said The Good Doctor, Dr. Paul, RP, Congressman Paul, Representative Paul, any of these are correct! Ron Paul (when he was in the running) was the only Presidential candidate who would bring about these drastic changes that would cut government spending exponentially, as well as solve a few other problems while we are at it.

While it is unfortunate that our two major "choices" for President do not advocate any sort of drastic spending change (eliminating earmarks will not get us out of debt) thankfully we have real choices in this election in Ron-Paul-endorsed Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin and the libertarian candidate Bob Barr who share similar views as those stated above.


jpberthiaume said...

I am all for 3, 4, and 5, and ESPECIALLY 4. Many of our nations problems, economically and otherwise, are in our ridiculously bloated and mis-guided education system.

#2 is where I think you lose me. I think it's highly necessary to be prepared and to keep tabs on the rest of the world by having *small* bases in other countries. I also probably don't consider the same activities of our military as an act of imperialism. You didn't point out any specifics, though, so I don't want to rush to judgment.

DC said...


I am pretty sure we stand on seperate sides of the military issue, but it's all good.

I have just started looking into the whole D.O.E. and its implications. I mean, I probably won't have a kid in school for maybe even a decade so it's not something I think about every day haha but I'd be interested to hear about your insights.

Also, I don't know if you heard about this but the federal government through the D.O.E. might mandate required mental health screenings for kids in elementary school. The reason this is bad - there will be a spike in the number of kids who "supposedly" have mental health issues. If you didn't catch it yet its the big drug companies behind this who will make a handsome profit - basically you would be required to buy these drugs. I'm all for taking the DOE down and bringing education back to the state and local levels entirely.