Friday, October 10, 2008

I can't stand when politicians do this...

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So I have been looking through some blogs and other information sources, and apparently with everything else going on that I've been paying attention to, I've missed ethics allegations brought against Norm Coleman this election season. Apparently gifts below $250 to Senators do not have to be disclosed. Also, apparently somebody is trying to build up some favors from Norm Coleman. This clip is pretty ridiculous. Clearly all gifts above $250 are most likely (though we can't know for sure) reported, the question is about gifts below $250, which wouldn't be disclosed. There are only 100 Senators in the United States. It is an elite position. If you cannot be honest with the Americans who gave you this honorable position, then there is a problem. Again, I may be extremely critical of our represented officials, but I also believe it is absolutely necessary that we are.

We need actual change in Congress, and the only person running for Minnesota Senate who will do this is Dean Barkley.

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jpberthiaume said...

I guess I don't get where you are coming from, and I actually take more offense from whoever the woman was who, in a snobby tone, said "well, I'm a reporter" as if that makes her more important than anyone else.

If he's disclosed every gift he has ever received, these people can go do their homework. It's disclosed so that he doesn't have to be asked specific questions about every item he's ever gotten from anyone. You disclose it so that you don't need to waste your time answering these kinds of questions (and, yes, that whole 4 minutes was a waste of everyone's time, including us Youtube watchers).

I will probably vote for Norm over Barkley, but I would say the same about this clip no matter who the politician is. They don't disclose and release various things for their health...