Friday, October 3, 2008

Ignorant Attack

This clip is a couple weeks old, but when I first heard this clip on the radio I was astonished that someone could think that by interpreting the constitution as our founding fathers meant it to be, implied that that person is in favor of slavery. Whoopi Goldberg makes an incredibly ignorant comment, and John McCain actually handled it quite well. If it were me, I could definetely see myself stopping and saying, "wait, did I really hear that?" And then she tells him that 'some things in the constitution had to change.' I'm sure John McCain, a politician for many years, had no idea that there were amendments made to the constitution. This is an ignorant attack at its worst, on national television.

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jpberthiaume said...

Yeah, I don't know why McCain didn't point out that, since the constitution was written, "there had been an amendment made to protect you from slavery." All I can think of was that the premise raised by Ms. Goldberg was so far out there and unexpected that McCain was caught off guard.

Now, if abolition of slavery were merely tied up in the courts (like many "laws" are), perhaps she would have reason to worry. That's why we need to elect people with strict, constructionist views so that they, in turn, make good nominations along those lines. We know an Obama-Biden administration would enforce a strict litmus test to make sure that they got a pro-choice justice -- a judicial activist.