Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lawson Money-Bomb a Huge Success

Anyone who reads my blog on a consistent basis knows I am extremely excited about BJ Lawson. Yesterday was his money-bomb, and it was a huge success. Over $200,000 was raised due to the effort, and this will surely help him get his word out to even more voters in his district. What I found was extremely impressive was the thousands of people who donated from all across the United States. There is a recent donor image that changes every so often and as I was watching it, it was amazing how there were people from Minnesota, Oregon, California, New York, Texas, and all the other states who were donating to Lawson’s effort. It is obvious why that is. Though he is a representative from North Carolina, his views will represent people from all over the United States – people who believe that the Constitution must be abided by, that the stranglehold the special interests have on our government needs to end, and Congress needs to start representing the people. I truly believe that he is one of the, if not THEE, most important candidate in the upcoming elections for the cause of liberty. I think the people of North Carolina are ready for ‘change’ and the 20 plus year incumbent to be unseated.


Dual Income No Kids said...

Yes, Lawson is a strong candidate who will promote limited government constitutional values.

Ray McKinnon said...

Thanks for the support; continue to spread the word!

Ray McKinnon, Field Organizer
Lawson for Congress