Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ron Paul, Presidential Candidates, on War on Drugs/Medical Marijuana

Just found this great video from the Rally for the Republic where Ron Paul specifically addresses the War on Drugs. Check it out:

The War on Drugs is a big issue with me. It seems so wrong. The results speak for themselves. Marijuana can be used for medical purposes, and there are thousands of testimonials from people who have chronic medical problems who have found marijuana to be the best medical drug to ease their pain. We should not be arresting people for this. It has become a serious social injustice within the United States.

Sorry for the low sound quality on this video, but it is McCain addressing one of those people who have found marijuana to be the most effective drug in treating their condition:

And to be fair, an Obama video:

As far as where I stand, this should be a state issue not a federal ban. As Ron Paul points out, this is an issue of depriving Americans of choice. They should be able to choose what they want to do to their own body. I do find it ironic that Legislatures who strongly support the war on drugs at the same time take part in using the drug alcohol. There are much more negatives to the war on drugs. Specifically a point that must be raised whenever talking about the war on drugs must be its
targeting of minorities. I go into more detail in my previous post about the War on Drugs. Also, check out a great blog by the people over at NORML about why a Presidential commission on marijuana needs to be put together asap.

I must say, I find it astounding that the Democrats have been the leaders in changing the government's stance on the War on Drugs and Medical Marijuana. It is a war that has been harmful to personal rights, extremely expensive to the taxpayer, and inevitably has increased the size of government.

"To get high on a hemp cigarrete, the cigarettte has to be big as a telephone pole!"
-Ron Paul

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