Friday, October 24, 2008

Ron Paul supports Michelle Bachmann

I just received an email from Congressman Ron Paul. I think the title of this blog says it all, but you just have to read this:

Dear Friend,

When it comes to fiscal issues, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is a strong ally in Washington. She recently stood up with me and voted against the massive Wall Street Bailout, a politically difficult, principled stand for which she should be commended.

Michelle also serves with me on the House Financial Services Committee where she is a consistent ally in our efforts to shine light on the Federal Reserve. Her recent Op-Ed in the Washington Times demonstrates her leadership on the Monetary Issue.

As you may have heard, Congresswoman Bachman has recently come under attack by the liberal media. Her opponent has capitalized and raised some big money in a short period of time. There is even talk of a write-in candidate with no chance of winning that would only syphon votes away from Michelle.

At this time when big government forces are grabbing more and more power, we can not afford to lose a fiscally principled Representative like Michelle Bachman in the Congress. Please join me in supporting Michelle in any way you feel comfortable and, most importantly, please make sure you get the polls and vote for her on November 4th.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

After reading this letter, I think the choice is obvious which candidate will stand up for fiscal conservatism and a sound economic policy.


Bill R said...

Dear David,

For some time I thought that I was the only Ron Paul Republican who held Michele Bachmann in high esteem with regard to her continuing fight, as a member of the HFSC, for financial reform in this country. I have been a subscriber to Rep. Bachmann's Bulletin for some time now. I recently read her Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times, and I was particularly impressed by the paragraph in which she calls for restructuring of the Fed. I wrote to Congressman Paul on Sunday regarding his stance on Rep. Bachmann's call for Fed restructure. However, to date, I have not yet received a response. (I live in another congressional district in Texas.) Yesterday, I wrote to a member of Rep. Bachmann's team asking when the Op-Ed would be posted to the Townhall site. I want to write a comment that uses Austrian economics (Rothbard, Koepke) to back up her assertion that the Fed does indeed need to be restructured and the "veil of secrecy" of its operations lifted. Today, the Op-Ed was posted. (I have already posted a comment on her townhall site regarding her post titled, "Oversight of Freddie, Fannie, and Acorn," using the post name William.)

Though I do not live in Rep. Bachmann's district, it is inconceivable to me that her constituents would not vote her back into office given the very important legislation she is promoting. In fact, restructing the Fed may be the most important piece of legislation to affect this country's boom/bust cycle that has been proposed in years. I have left comments here and there about Rep. Bachmann's stance on financial reform on various sites: C4L, Nolan Chart, etc. However, I think some form of direct post might be in order if we wish to look to the future. We cannot afford to lose members of the HFSC who are tirelessly working for financial reform when their numbers appear to be so low.

DC said...


It is great to know that other liberty lovers across the nation also support Representative Bachmann. Sadly, I think that it is misinformation or lack of education about a candidate's stance that would cause someone to NOT vote for Bachmann who would given full information.

Thanks for the comment!


jpberthiaume said...

Unfortunately I am not in her district, either. When I found out the RNCC pulled their support, I sent a few bucks her way. On the ballots she will be on, she is the best candidate on it (for those who can win). Those of you who can, out and vote for her!