Friday, October 24, 2008

Things I am Excited About

There are a few things that I have become very excited about recently. The first is B.J. Lawson's campaign. I blog about him quite often, and it is exciting to see the campaign going into overdrive and making the final push to get Lawson into Congress. David Price has begun a smear campaign trying to link Lawson to Bush. It is almost comical, as Lawson has such vastly different views than those that the Bush administration have been pursuing.

The second thing I have become excited about is the war on drugs. No, not excited about the actual war, but the movement to END the war on drugs. I have found in the past few months that there are many individuals and groups that are very dedicated to this cause. One of those is They are very much committed to changing the current drug policies and educating everyone about the issue. The major issue, as it is with most things, is an intellectual mindset. Since people have grown up with the war on drugs as a given, there is little thought or time put into debating what is trying to be accomplished and what the negative effects are of the war. B.J. Lawson is for ending the war on drugs, and I find that something to be very excited about.

Anybody who has not looked into the pro's and con's of marijuana legalization/illegalization should really just take some time out and have an open mind. Read this quote from NORML's website:

Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning. Similarly, more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to tobacco smoking. By comparison, marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause death by overdose. According to the prestigious European medical journal, The Lancet, "The smoking of cannabis, even long-term, is not harmful to health. ... It would be reasonable to judge cannabis as less of a threat ... than alcohol or tobacco."


Those in support of marijuana legalization do not debate that marijuana is a harmful drug. The debate is not one of medical significance, since medically speaking alcohol and tobacco are proven to be more harmful. What the debate is about is whether or not the government should have a say in a personal decision to smoke something. Who is the victim? The victim is the person who decides to do it. It is a "victimless crime." This is central to the argument of legalization. In order to argue that it should be kept illegal from a medical stance, there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done about why alcohol and tobacco should still be legal while marijuana is illegal. There are also many negative consequences of the war on drugs as I described in a previous post.

All I ask is that anyone who looks into the war on drugs look at it with an open mind and seek out facts. Find out WHY marijuana was made illegal in the first place (hint: it involves racism and turning into bats), look at how effective it has been, look at the negative consequences, and see how well prohibition has worked. A year ago I would have had no opinion about this issue, and now I'm a huge advocate of law reform concerning the war on drugs. Maybe you will be too.


Beel said...

We need to keep reminding ourselves that the Controlled Substances Act and War On Drugs​ were the offsp​ring of Richard ("I") M ("not a crook"​)​ Nixon​ & Company [​note:​ if he wasn'​t a crook​ then why did he need a blanket pardo​n from his successor Geral​d Ford and why did nearl​y ALL of his inner​ circl​e end up going​ to prison?​]​ Even his very own Shafer Commission recommended marijuana policy reform but he disregarded its findings because pot was popular with blacks, hippies, Jewish psychiatrists and others he considered to be political enemies.

So there​ you have it, a small​ group​ of REAL CRIMINALS who contr​olled​ the US Gov'​t makin​g criminals out of us "​littl​e peopl​e"​ who just want to live our lives​ in peace​ and seek respi​te from pain or relax​ from the drudg​ery of life with a NATUR​AL,​ eco-​frien​dly HERB.​

DRUG WAR = RICHARD NIXON​'​S LASTI​NG LEGAC​Y.​ "Tricky Dick" Nixon, the only US presi​dent to have ever been force​d to resig​n in DISGR​ACE yet his drug polic​y reign​s supre​me and his party​ worsh​ips his Sacre​d Cow to this day as if it were the Gospe​l of Chris​t (​don'​t ever forge​t that all-to-many Republican​s are MAKE-​BELIE​VE Christians to boot!​ After all, what would Jesus think of locking people in cages because of a plant that His Father put on the Earth? A question the "Christian Right" refuses to answer)

DC said...

Thanks for the information beel. I will definitely have to look into the historical side of the war on drugs more.

Also I feel a need as a christian to say this - not all Christians are part of the "Christian Right" who push for different policies in government. I am a Christian and I am very libertarian-leaning. It is quite sad that people are locked up for using a plant that was put on this earth I will agree with that. It angers me as well that Christians would advocate this policy. There are definitely people who support the war on drugs who are Christians, though, or that do not have enough information about it to make a judgment. I understand your anger, and I just want you to know that not every 'christian-conservative' supports this policy.

Thanks for the comment! You seem to be quite knowledgeable about this topic and I hope to learn much more about it myself.