Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Roundup

All the campaigns are making a final push, and it seems as though almost every ad on television is some political ad. Anyone out there who is barely surviving this advertising overload, just remember that in less than two weeks it will all be over! As I'm typing this I have seen about five in a row, and I'm sure there will be another one after this ad...and sure enough there it is, another political ad! Well, I suppose you can't blame them - this is the home stretch.

Last night there were a series of vandalism on houses of politicians from Minnesota. This was directed at both Republicans and Democrats. It really is a sad situation that people have to take their protest so far as to deface private property. If you don't like some candidate, instead of spray painting their house in the middle of the night, how about you promote whatever ideas you have or candidate you are pushing for by engaging in intellectual conversation? This brings up another issue where people have been damaging political signs or damaging property that have certain political signs. That accomplishes nothing besides motivating the other side that you disagree with. I guess some people can't even think logically enough to understand this, though.

I also feel as though I need to make a comment on Michelle Bachmann. If you haven't seen this yet, you can get caught up by watching the clip here:

I believe that this has been blown out of proportion. How could it not be? But there is no denying that this was a huge (and expensive) political blunder that I hope will not cost the Republicans another seat. In direct response to that video clip, Bachmann's challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg raised over $650,000.

Now the Conservative argument in support of Bachmann is this: What is American? After defining that, you can then draw direct comparisons as to what is un-American. It really is more of an opinion. It's true that Obama's connections to 'shady' individuals is something that should be of concern to the American People, and the media in many people's opinoins has not done as much as they should have as far as looking into the issues. But I think Bachmann would have been better off sticking to attacking Obama's 'spread the wealth' statement, showing how it is a socialistic statement, and then drawing the comparison as to how that is un-American.

Regardless, it was a big misstep that has empowered Tinklenberg's campaign.
I personally am still planning to vote for Bachmann, as I'm not that crazy about the independent candidate and I respect her for not supporting the bailout. I personally am ready to give her another 2 years and we'll see what happens.

In other news, Argentina nationalized 401k and pension plans. I hope there are enough people in the United States who believe in liberty and freedom that this will never happen here.

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