Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What would a free country look like?

The Constitution was written for one specific purpose and that was to restrain the government, not to restrain the people.”
-Ron Paul

What would the United States look like if it were truly free? I have been thinking about this question, and I realized how sad it is that we need to think hypothetically what a truly free United States would look like. We are capable of being the freest country in the world - an example to others of what a truly free society is. Just by the sight of it they would want their own country to be free. But what is free?

The Constitution is the centerpiece of freedom - it is meant, as Ron Paul said, to restrain the government. The yearning for freedom was what brought our nation into existence. Over two centuries ago a revolution for freedom started that could not be stopped. Since then, this excitement about freedom and liberty has truly eroded.

Today we have a government that has ballooned to the edge of bankruptcy. There has been so much intervention in so many ways by the government that it is hard to begin to imagine how we went from protesting taxes by literally dumping goods into the ocean to where we are today. Over half of an individual's annual income can go to taxes. Half a year Americans work to fund our government. Yet, due to the interventions into the marketplace and extreme spending, we are over $10 trillion in debt. We bow to every insistence by the government that certain actions are "for your security" (national id card, increased survelliance, etc.). We lose our sovereignty bit by bit through the United Nations and allowing other countries to have a say in our foreign policy. We raid houses for people committing victim less crimes (which results in the death of innocent people), we have troops located all over the globe, and we spend spend spend.

Is this free? Working over half a year to fund a government that can't seem to balance a budget? There truly does need to be change. We need to be free again.

Why can't we balance a budget for once? In my opinion every year we should be able to balance the government's budget, as over half a year people work to fund our government. Why can't we abolish the federal reserve, end failed policies that are draining our funds, and bring all the troops home? Why can't we use military intervention only when absolutely necessary? I believe we can be free again, but it's not going to happen overnight. I believe that the size of the government can be cut in half, if not more. I also believe (and know) there are others out there who agree with me.

Despite all the negativity that goes on day in and day out, I believe in freedom. There might only be a handful of people in government who stand up for the Constitution and stand up for citizens against the ever-growing government, but you need to start somewhere. The past year I have seen that there is a huge movement for change. Not Obama change. True change. Change that can be described and explained, researched and debated. Change that will bring us the freedom that we so desperately need to return to.

What do you think a free country looks like? I believe that our country has slowly but surely moved in the wrong direction, away from what a free country should be. We can return once again to that spirit of revolution and excitement for freedom and liberty that once existed. We can be free again. We must be free again. The cost of not doing so is too great.

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