Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another (very liberal) Obama Appointment

Eric Holder is Obama's appointee for attorney general. Holder, who was the former deputy U.S. attorney general under Bill Clinton, has a number of stances that are not going to be kind to the cause of liberty.
  • He is a huge advocate of stepping up the war on drugs. He believes cracking down on drug users is key to reducing crime, and pushed for mandatory 5 year sentences for drug possession.

  • He wants to have tighter gun control.

  • His actions towards the end of Bill Clinton's term are ethically questionable:

    "In the waning days of the Clinton administration, Holder was a key participant in awarding clemency to fugitive billionaire financier Marc Rich and some 139 others in a process that short circuited the Justice department clearance process and looked, in Rich's case, very much like a quid pro quo for financial support from the convicted felon's wife for Clinton's presidential library. The highly controversial pardons took place just two hours before Clinton left the White House for the last time."
    -Dan K. Thomasson
Obama's appointees have been very liberal, as expected. I have already been very openly critical of his pick for Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, and Eric Holder is another choice that will not be kind to those who care about second amendment rights and ending the failed war on drugs. Many people believed Obama was the candidate who would support ending the war on drugs and a movement, however slight it may be, towards reforming drug laws. The irony is how pro-war on drugs his appointees have been.

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