Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chris Matthews should be disregarded by all

I was very excited to see Michelle Bachmann win re-election in my district. I think we can all honestly say that one of the main reasons the race was even close was because of her comments on Chris Matthew's show. Although that was unfortunate, I think we can now see where Mr. Matthew's stands:

So here we have a member of the media, making it clear that his intentions are not to report the truth, but to make the presidency work. That is his "job." Can you give him credibility for anything he says from this point on? He basically put it out there in the open that his belief is that it is his job to "make this presidency work." This is truly outstanding.

If you are in the position to report news to millions of people, your 'job' is not to be a propaganda machine to make a president's term "work." It is Barack obama's job to make his presidency "work." So regardless of what Barack Obama does, whether he oversteps his powers, creates social unjustice, heck even if he commits treason, don't go to Chris Matthews because his job is to make Obama's presidency "work." Amazing that someone can hold such a stance.

Thank God Bachmann did not lose because of things she said on this hack's television show. The man deserves no credibility; from Republicans and Democrats alike. If a conservative host came out and said his goal was to make a republican president's time in office work, I would have the same reaction: they deserve absolutely no credibility, and listening to him is a total waste of time.

Oh, and apparently now that Obama is President, we don't have to work to pay for gas or our mortgages? Here's a clip that you may have already seen:

Actually, it will be a lot more difficult to pay for anything with the inevitable increase in taxes. So I wouldn't expect to 'not have to work.' You don't just get things handed to you in this world. Sorry to break it to you, Peggy.

Also, my friend Trevor and myself have been pretty upset with Representative Emanuel's plan to make three month service mandatory for all 18 to 25 year olds. We decided to do something about it, and
made a facebook group to raise awareness. So far it has been going great. We think this is one of the easiest ways to make 18-25 year olds aware of this unConstituinal policy. The best part about it is that this is NOT a partisan issue! This policy is wrong regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican pursues it.

What is more disturbing is what I found out after making the group. Apparently in January of 2007 a
bill was introduced, H.R. 393, called the “Universal National Service Act of 2007." This bill would require everyone 18-42 to submit to two years of service for the government. The fact that such a bill would even be written is simply amazing.

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