Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Few Thoughts

I would like to make some comments on just a few things Ron Paul said in the article he wrote that was posted on I will probably have a few more posts similar to this one
Once the Republicans were in power, though, the promises faded, and all policies were directed at maintaining or increasing power by trying to whittle away at Democratic strength by acting like big-spending Democrats.

The Republican Congress never once stood up against the Bush/Rove machine that demanded support for unconstitutional wars, attacks on civil liberties here at home, and an economic policy based on more spending, more debt, and more inflation -- while constantly preaching the flawed doctrine that deficits don't matter as long as taxes aren't raised.


After eight years of perpetual (and unnecessary and unconstitutional) war, persistent and expanded attacks on our privacy, runaway deficits, and now nationalization of the financial system, Republicans are going to have a tough time regaining the confidence of the American people. But that's what must be done.

I find it quite unfortunate that the Republicans in Congress as well as in the Executive Branch did not operate on the conservative principles that the party was founded on. Clearly, the new Republican (the neo-con's) strategy of big government with lots of unnecessary spending was a huge misstep in policy.

We have seen, as Ron Paul said, in the past eight years how the party has strayed further and further from the principles that they should be governing by. George Bush ran on a non-nation building foreign policy in 2000, yet just a few years later we find ourselves in Iraq doing exactly that. Our standing in the world has fallen dramatically by our invasive and interventionist foreign policy, which has also ballooned our deficit.

It was truly something to see when Republican after Republican in the House and Senate argued in support of the bailout. I was actually in shock to see the "Conservative" party support the ultimate in government intervention and wasteful spending. This was totally in line with Paul's comment, "all policies were directed at maintaining or increasing power by trying to whittle away at Democratic strength by acting like big-spending Democrats." Even until just a couple months before the election they were doing just that: acting like big-spending Democrats.


page said...

I saw your facebook group and think you should read Tom Brokaw's book, The Greatest Generation. You'd find it really interesting. I understand your position about the freedom of making the choice to serve your country, and you are more than entitled to that freedom. But I think this book is a good one for the entitlement generation to read; it is amazing what the generation before us did without throwing up their arms and complaining.

dane said...

I get concerned that people think that the government instituting some kind of "loyalty" youth program is a good thing. It is in young people's best interest to serve their country, but if it is mandated by the government one of the most basic things is taken away from young people, the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to do what is right.

When the government forces anyone to do anything against their will, they are creating a nation of morons, incapable of thinking for themselves. We don't need a Nazi Youth or Young Pioneer League (Soviet Union) in this country, teaching our youth to be "loyal" citizens. We need to teach our young people to think for themselves and to become responsible, FREE THINKING Americans.

Every generation thinks that their youth has "lost" it's way. That is not a good reason to allow our government to become the nanny of our young people. The government creeps more and more into our lives because people think it "sounds" like a good idea at the time. Teach your children well, but don't allow the government to take this responsibility away from people, too.