Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Roundup

Here is part two of Ron Paul answers your questions on the NY Times Freakonomics Blog.

I have discovered the greatness that is Podcasts. I always knew about them, but never took the time to find some and actually listen to them. But I finally have and I'm loving it! Here are some that I have started to check out:
  • The Lew Rockwell Show
  • The Alex Jones Show
  • CNBC's Mad Money w/Jim Cramer - Lightning Round
  • NORML Podcast
  • Wall Street Journal What's News
  • Weekly Address from the President-Elect
I'm sure I will end up dropping some and picking up others. If anyone has some recommendations, let me know!

China is now looking into possibly buying up the big three automakers. Can you imagine staple US companies turning into Chinese companies overnight?

Donald Driver's father was one of the most recent victims of police brutality. According to Sports Illustrated, police in Houston beat Marvin Driver Jr. as they arrested him. They also forced him to swallow something (drugs perhaps?). The paramedics picked him up at the jail after he went unconscious. The police officers are still on duty pending investigation. In my opinion, these police should be put on leave immediately. Police brutality cases really get me going, because they have SO much power relative to anyone else walking the streets. It is so easy for police to abuse this power that it is unreal.

Now this is nothing like being beaten by the police, but for example. I was on my way to Treasure Island with some friends when I was pulled over for going 15 over. After informing me of how fast I was speeding, she said to me, "and you weren't buckled either." In which case I was in complete shock as I have never driven without a seatbelt and I said "What?? Yes I was!" She kept staring at me. I say again "I WAS!!!" She must have seen how in shock I was at her accusation that she decided to just let it go. She then *asked* if the others were buckled. What is sad is that she could have written us all up for not being buckled and God knows she would have won the case if we brought it to court, even though we were buckled.

Police brutality is a huge injustice. I have seen too many videos of someone on the ground, defenseless, get punched time after time by a cop. It's wrong and they should be held completely accountable, and surely should lose their job. When police abuse the power they have been given it makes me cringe.

Moving on, Peter Schiff was on Fast Money yesterday. I had not even heard of him until this morning as I was listening to The Lew Rockwell podcast. I must say, I am a fan.

This video is a couple days old, but I wanted to post it anyway. It is Ron Paul talking about the Financial Services Hearing a couple days ago:

Apparently Al Franken is gaining on Norm Coleman in the Senate recount. I honestly just want this to be over. If Franken was to get the seat, I wouldn't be able to think about the two Senators who 'represent' me without shuddering. Yet, I have found less and less in common politically with Norm Coleman the more I look into him. Lose-Lose for me. When they finally announce Coleman the winner I won't exactly be 'happy.' He will probably go in and vote for whatever bailout that comes to him. He will support continued military intervention.

Also, the big three automakers need to make their case for government aid before any will be given. Don't worry though we have great people that will evaluate the cases they make - Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. I almost laughed when I heard that.

It is expected that Hillary Clinton will be named Secretary of State soon after Thanksgiving. It's a long way off but would Hillary be up for a 2016 run?

Better question - How is the Republican Party going to change over the next two to four years?

If you are a libertarian like me, you have to hope that the answer is DRASTICALLY.

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