Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's official.

Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

David Price was re-elected.

The Democrats gained ground in the House and Senate.

Overall, it's very unfortunate the way things ended up turning out. The race I really cared about most was BJ Lawson's. Even though he lost, I know he did great things concerning spreading the message of liberty. Had he received 40,000 more votes he would be heading to Washington. I applaud his relentless effort and his effective campaign. Sure he didn't win, but he sure as hell gave it his best. I respect BJ Lawson immensely and I pray that his time in politics is not over, and that he will be willing to run again.

This election showed me how much work there is to be done for the campaign for liberty. Freedom. Liberty. Prosperity.

What were the two "main" choices in this Presidential election?
A Neo-con against an extreme liberal.

What kind of choice is that? I truly believe that a majority of Americans deep down truly believe in a limited government, a government that respects the constitution, serves the people. I believe in the message of liberty. The message of freedom is popular, as Ron Paul will say. What if people were educated on the issues? They knew ALL the options? How would elections change?

I don't believe that the next few years are going to be pretty for any conservative or libertarian. It just is not going to be. The beautiful thing about the message of liberty is that education is its greatest weapon. There is no doubt about that. A year ago today I did not know who Ron Paul was. I knew nothing about the pros and cons of America's foreign policy. The war on drugs had never crossed my mind. The federal reserve and America's monetary policy was something I took as a given. I couldn't explain why the Department of Education should be abolished, or why it should not. I would have thought someone who advocated cutting all foreign aid was crazy. Eliminating the income tax was a foreign idea to me. The constitutional abuses by the executive branch over the past decades were unknown to me. I was unsure where exactly I stood on gun rights.

But you know what? That has all changed. Simply through becoming informed and exposed to these new ideas. Crazy thing is, they all made so much sense.

Today I am proud to say that a number of people that I know, and who I'm guessing I influenced at least a little bit, decided to vote third party for one race or all the races. It was great to hear this. It was encouraging and it motivates me to continue to become more educated and even more engaged in politics.

I have much more to write about, so look for that in the coming week. From the Minnesota house of representative results, Minnesota Senate race results, BJ Lawson's future, and a lot more.

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Minnesota Chris said...

Nice comments David! I agree, education is the key to advancing the cause of liberty. A great place to start is the Campaign for Liberty Education page. Then, read as much as possible from the Mises Institute (see their extensive media section). You can spend years studying just the content they offer for free!