Monday, November 3, 2008

Introduction to Ron Paul

I was introducing a friend to Ron Paul a few nights ago. He had no idea who Ron Paul was, and it was hard to know where to start. I decided that the best way is via youtube videos. So I found a few that I thought he would find interesting. By the end of it, he was asking "Why isn't this guy running? He is better than both of our current choices."

One of the best:

Ron Paul owning McCain on foreign policy:

*My favorite is him shaking his head at McCain at 1:30

Ron Paul asking McCain a question, and McCain not answering. At 1:20 Ron Paul again asks his question "would you get rid of this group?" but McCain avoids the actual question and rambles on about people he knows.

This video has nothing to do with Ron Paul, but is one of my favorite McCain videos, and is just a great remembrance of Tim Russert. He was never easy on anyone he interviewed (Ron Paul included!) and I respect him for that.

Hope you enjoyed those. I am planning on putting up one more post tonight before election day.


The Lizmiester said...

Hey DC, I don't know who you are interested in voting for Senate, but I think you would be interested in reading this:

Dean Barkley seems to be a good alternative to Norm and Al.

What do you think?

DC said...

Hey Liz,

Nice to hear from you, I'm planning on voting for Dean Barkley actually! Coleman approving the bailout was the last straw for me. I wrote a post about Dean Barkley a while back. There are some things I disagree with him, of course, but there's also some things I really like. He is a good alternative and even if he doesn't win I hope he gets a decent chunk of the vote tomorrow. I think if Jesse Ventura would have run he would have stood a good chance of winning.


Bart said...

Keep up the good work DC. I've been too busy to blog lately but I'm glad to see you've been killing it with some great posts. Baldwin and Barkley will be getting my vote tomorrow, and I look forward to a chance to explain to other people my reasons for voting for those candidates.