Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 25 Reasons to Support Ron Paul

Who is this Ron Paul guy and what's the big deal? What's all this fuss about and how come everyone I know who likes him is obsessed with him? Didn't he run for president or something? WHO IS RON PAUL?

Oh, the wonderful questions that come up when Ron Paul is mentioned in everyday conversation. Well I decided to compile the top 25 reasons for supporting Ron Paul.

1. He's had the same political stance for his entire career. Ron Paul has been extremely consistent throughout his entire political career. He has changed views on one issue - He supported Capital Punishment, but now does not because of the number of people on death row who have been found innocent through DNA evidence.

2. He is the champion of the Constitution - he has never voted for a bill that violates the Constitution.

3. He wants to abolish the IRS and the income tax.

4. He will bring education back to the state and local level - He supports abolishing the unconstitutional Department of Education. Who knows what is best for your children? You, or some bureaucratic office located miles and miles away?

5. He wants to strengthen our national defense.

6. He will end the wasteful, unconstiutional, and unjustified war in Iraq and bring the troops home.

7. He wants to bring ALL the troops home - There are over 700 permanent U.S. military bases worldwide in over 100 countries. How would you feel if Germany, Japan, Britain, etc. had a permanent military base in the United States?

8. He supports Free Trade.

9. He wants to end the war on drugs, which has imprisoned over 20 million and cost the United States over $500 billion.

10. He wants to end all federal foreign aid - most of the aid never gets to those intended, but is wasted in bureaucracy and ends up in the hands of the rich.

11. He wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve and promotes a sound monetary policy.

12. He supports tying our currency to gold, which has physical value.

13. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

14. He has never voted to raise taxes.

15. He opposes governmental intervention into the free market.

16. He opposes socialized medicine.

17. He opposes any entity that infringes on U.S. sovereignty (United Nations, North American Union, etc.)

18. He supports school vouchers, giving more parents more choice when it comes to education.

19. He supports gun rights.

20. He supports personal rights to privacy.

21. He supports property rights (he was strongly opposed to the NAFTA superhighway, which would have used eminent domain to force thousands of property owners off their property whether they liked it or not).

22. He wants to allow people to opt out of the social security system.

23. He wants to legalize online gambling.

24. He wants to abolish federal Welfare and leave the issue to the states.

25. He opposes the National ID Card.

These are just 25 of the hundreds of reasons why people are crazy about Ron Paul's policies. I hope this was informational. Check out a full list of his political stances here.

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