Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moving to Wordpress?

Sometime over the course of my break I will be moving my entire blog from blogger to wordpress. Blogger worked for a while, but it seems incredibly dificult to change the format, and the wordpress pages I have seen look sharper and more 'professional' than blogger pages. I have been avoiding moving it over, but now with a lot of extra time in January I have no excuse! Hopefully it is a clean (and easy!) transition.

I also have been thinking about what direction I would like this blog to go. Do I stick to strictly politics? Or should I write about many different things, particularly anything that is on my mind? The most effective blogs are usually somewhat specialized, but in my opinion I would rather write about what I enjoy than have 10,000 visitors a day and feel 'forced' to crank out posts on a single topic.

I am considering writing about a few more topics outside of politics. Particularly online poker and making money online. As some of you know, my friend and myself have launched a website just a couple weeks ago, Minnesota Casino Index. We have been working on USA Casino Index, and it is looking great. I can't wait to launch it, and we are committing a lot of time towards it in the upcoming weeks. I think many people will find it a useful resource for casino information.

So to say the least, I have a few decisions to make. Do I start a seperate blog and keep this blog up and only post the political posts? Or do I combine everything onto one blog? It should be an interesting time couple weeks as I decide what exactly I want to do blogwise the next year.

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