Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto was found to be the most-loved book of 2008 on Amazon. This means that it was the most positively reviewed book on the site for 2008. This is exciting for me and everyone else who read (and undoubtedly loved) Ron Paul's latest book. If you have not read this book - READ IT. It is easily the most influential political book I have ever read, which might not be saying much as I'm only a twenty year old college student, but nevertheless I know many others feel the same way.

When I look back at how my political views have changed over the past year, I honestly do not see how my views could ever change so drastically over the course of a year at any time in my future.

  • I went from basically 'enjoying' politics without really fully understanding underlying issues or make arguments about the views I have, to being a passionate libertarian who couldn't justify voting for the Republican presidential candidate or Senate candidate.
  • I have gone from being wishy-washy on the war in Iraq to believing that our entire foreign policy is flawed and is the root of many of our problems.
  • I went from not really caring about marijuana legislation or the war on drugs to being a huge advocate of ending the war on drugs.
  • I went from not being overly concerned about tax legislation, to believing that the income tax should be eliminated and replaced with a flat tax rate across all income levels.
  • I went from not caring about education reform to now advocating ending the Department of Education and giving parents and local communities the power when it comes to education.

But the most important thing that has changed: I went from writing off Ron Paul, to now seeing him as a huge influence on my views. Seeing him speak at the Rally for the Republic was inspiring.

Think about it: he has been advocating the SAME POLICIES for decades! The more I research and learn about historical American Politics, it is amazing how much each party has flip-flopped on issues. I can only hope that one day I can have that same sort of track record that he has had - standing up for my views even when they are extremely unpopular.

In 2009 we have a President coming in who has socialist-leaning policies, and economic policies that are inevitably going to hurt our economy. If Obama (and the liberals...and the 'conservatives') looked at what tax policies caused the greatest increase in production and prosperity, he would see that whenever there was a large tax cut, tax revenues actually increased. Perhaps he should take a few hours out of one of his busy days to read the book The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen. He would realize that JFK's tax cuts in the 1960's (three times as big relative to the Bush tax cuts) led to increased tax revenue and more prosperity across the board. But then again, Republicans almost unanimously opposed those tax cuts. Ironic isn't it?

We can be assured that he won't and that the next two to eight years will be a rough time for all Americans. If only the government let failed companies fail, aggressively cut taxes, and drastically cut the size of government, I think we would see a huge turnaround within the next decade.

But sure enough, we can expect the effects of both big-government "conservatives" (It is so hard for me to call someone who pushed for a $700 billion government bailout a conservative...) and the incoming liberal majority to be felt for decades to come. I think there are many clear-cut solutions that could lead us in the right direction. Problem is, the current officials in office are pursuing the opposite.

To end on a positive note, failed policies cannot last forever. Eventually enough people will be fed up with how things are going and realize that the person they voted in (or simply the people who are in office) are pursuing the wrong policies. It might not happen soon, but it will eventually happen.


Bart said...

Maybe you are already familiar w/ it, but if not, your discussion on tax revenues is explained in theory by the Laffer curve.

DC said...

Yes I have! It actually is one of the first things The End of Prosperity talks about. It's good stuff.