Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bachmann on New Hannity Show

I wanted to post this yesterday, but the video was not put up until today. It's my Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann on the brand new Sean Hannity show:

I thought she did a good job, considering Sharpton kept cutting in. It's too bad that is what you have to do to get your point across, just keep talking until someone else stops.

I liked her points about the bailouts and school vouchers. The reason I am such a big supporter of Bachmann is because she has been against all the bailouts from the beginning. She never said (like so many other Republicans), "I think these bailouts are horrible, but something has to be done and therefore I support them." Even John McCain, the Conservative Party's Presidential Candidate, or Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman could stand up for fiscal conservatism. Sharpton tries to blame the crisis on the Republicans, even though it was the liberals who pushed for banks to make extremely risky loans and now they are creating incentives to allow even more of this behavior since they are not punished whatsoever! Make a bad loan, get a handout. Sharpton's argument that we need more regulation is just plain foolish.

She was right on about school vouchers. It's ironic that the liberals are against school vouchers since people who otherwise would not have choices, would then have a choice of an array of different schools. Giving people a $6,000 school voucher per child would open them up to many different private schools that some otherwise could not afford or could not justify with their budget. I like how she used Minneapolis as an example. They spend quite a bit per child, yet the public schools are under-performing. She says that even if we spent TWICE as much, it is unlikely that we would see much difference.