Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bailing Out Newspapers Now?

With Obama in office along with Democratic control of both the House and Senate, Jon Kraushar poses an interesting question: Would Obama's Administration even pause when it comes to bailing out the media giant New York Times?

After governmental bailouts of other companies, and the fact that the NYT has a liberal slant and in theory aids the Democrats, would it not make sense for the Democrats to try to keep this liberal machine running? Of course it would!

With that being said, I again have to refer back to the financial institution bailouts. They set a bad precedent of government intervention into the free market. I am still embarassed by the many "Conservatives" who voted for the bailouts. They should have been wise enough to see that this is a slippery slope. Maybe when we start electing true conservatives to Congress we will see a change. Sadly, it could be a while before the public wakes up enough to realize that neo-cons are not conservatives!

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