Tuesday, January 27, 2009

David Carlson : UnitedLiberty.org Contributor

Towards the end of last week I received an email from Shana Kluck, assistant editor of United Liberty. She had followed my link from a comment I had left from a post by B.J. Lawson. She checked out some of my posts, and liked what she saw and asked if I would be interested in being a contributor for United Liberty.

My first reaction was shock that I would be given the opportunity to be part of a group blog that included the likes of B.J. Lawson as well as some other well-established individuals in the liberty movement. After getting over that shock, I jumped at the chance. Not only will I be able (i.m.h.o.) contribute some good posts to the site, but I will get some exposure (the site averages 6,200 visitors a month). I also believe that United Liberty can become a much bigger site than it currently is. I have thought for many months that there needs to be a political site similar to the Huffington Post except with a libertarian slant (versus liberal).

Regardless of whether the site will grow by leaps and bounds, I see this site as a huge opportunity for myself as well as for the cause of liberty. One thing to note is that any post I put on United Liberty will also appear on David Carlson Politics. I also will not be submitting every single post to the site, just a few here and there. So if you never visit the site, you will not be missing any of my posts! But if you do find the site insightful, I recommend visiting it every once in a while to see if there is something you find interesting.


jpberthiaume said...

Congrats. That should be fun.

dane said...

Good for you David! Can't wait to read you there!

Minnesota Chris said...

Great job David, keep it up!

Budsy Jean said...

Hooray! That is really cool, DC! Now others can appreciate your insightfulness like I do! Just remember us, the little people, as you rise to prominance. :-)

DC said...

Thanks everyone!

And don't worry Berta, and idk about prominence haha but yeah it's an honor to contribute to that site, first post should be up at 10:30 today! Well, it's already up on this page, but it'll be cool to see it on there as well.