Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michelle Bachmann on Glenn Beck!

I was pleasantly surprised on my drive home from North Heights tonight. I was listening to Glenn Beck and he said he had just met a member of Congress who he wanted all his listeners to meet. Sure enough, it was Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann!

I'm not just excited for the national attention she has been receiving recently, but because of what she has done with the opportunities. She did not say one thing I disagree with in the entire 15 minute interview. She talked about fiscal Conservatism, and how she was embarrassed that some Republicans have supported and continue to support the bailouts that are being pushed through Washington. She said the biggest political blunder of 2008 was when the "Conservative" candidate for President supported bailout! Amen.

She also said that she has little faith that the Conservative Democratic members of Congress will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and vote against the second bailout. Pelosi recently threatened those Democrats who may vote against it by saying they will not get their one week recess in February to go to their home district! Beck and Bachmann compared this to how a teacher would treat second-graders. Pathetic.

More and more I see why Ron Paul endorsed Bachmann. Some Paul supporters were upset about this endorsement (due to her stance on foreign policy among other things) but what he stressed was her stance on economic and financial issues. She has not failed those who voted her in (myself as one) based on her stance on these issues and her opposition to the bailout from the very beginning.

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