Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Inauguration: How Should Conservatives Approach His Presidency?

Today on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, a caller came on the air who claimed to be an independent and gave a long history of her Presidential votes the past decades to prove it. She then went on about how she is fiscally Conservative and therefore had a number of problems with Bush, but she does not 'hate' the man. She thinks he is a good man who did what he thought was best when put into the Presidency. But then she went on a rant to Rush and how Obama has not even been sworn in yet, but already he has been criticized intensely by Rush. She says that we should wait and 'give him a chance.' Rush then asked, "Are you saying you want Obama to succeed?" "Absolutely" is the response. Rush then said why that is a problem: Obama is pursuing big government, socialistic policies, and universal health care among other things. Besides that, it is not as though his cabinet picks and the Democratic Party have given Conservatives nothing to be upset about.

So how do Conservatives confront this Obama Administration? In my opinion, as it has in the past, liberal economic, budget, and spending policies have all gone down in flames. Especially when we are in a depression where people are holding on for dear life and trying to ride out the storm, these Keynesian big government policies surely will fail. This is not an estimate or something unproven, and if you want a source take some time out and read The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen, as they document statistically and historically how policies have affected the prosperity of the United States.

So we know that these policies are going to fail (by fail I mean make things worse and not 'fix' everything as many believe). This has been proven, and it is just a matter of time. I worry that Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians risk coming off too strong as we aggressively attack the Democrats. But how can you not? The only other option is to wait it out and then when things start going bad to go full force in explaining why the Democrat's policies are making things much worse. But I also realize in this day of instant news and commentary, it is inevitable that we must respond with the criticism deserved.

To sum this up, I will try to engage in useful conversations concerning Obama's (and the Democratic Party's) policies. I oftentimes ask people how they feel about this or that or why they believe a certain policy will do what they think, and always give a counter-argument, or an agreement. The problem is not that there are too many Democrats out there, it's the apathy that is prevalent and people not wanting to spend the time shredding apart the issues. Hopefully this blog (among other resources) will motivate people to maybe follow the blog as I commentate on issues and why I think they are wrong/right/etc as well as maybe go read a book they otherwise wouldn't have ever read. For now, I am going to be open to talking about politics with people and try to listen more, and of course continue to educate myself about different viewpoints to create a more mature political understanding.

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