Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Day of Obama is More Than Enough

Today was surely a historic day for America. We swore in our first African-American into the highest office in our country. While this is truly a historic event, it overshadows and overwhelms the fact that the man being sworn in has extremely liberal, border-line socialist, political positions that he will surely put into place with the Democratically-controlled Congress.

So this is how I feel: One day of Obama as President is much more than enough in my opinion.

Combine the Obama Administration with the Democratically-controlled Congress and we have a recipe for disaster.

One thing is certain: Obama sure can give one heck of a speech. While it can be inspiring to listen to a well-crafted speech of a man who is surely a great leader, it does not change the fact that his policies are going to lead the nation down the wrong path. By wrong I mean policies that are not going to solve the economic depression we are involved in, not going to cause prosperity for future generations (in fact, future generations have a huge debt to pay through government's irresponsible bailouts), and will not promote freedom and liberty.

Pelosi runs a tight shift, as Michelle Bachmann said recently on Glenn Beck. They will push bailouts, environmental policies that place control not freedom on the American public, and higher taxes through Congress. Obama will rubber-stamp these laws, and we surely will not find our way out of this depression that is plaguing the United States. FDR's policies did not work, neither will Obama's.


Victoria said...

As I was reading your post about how Obama is a great speaker, it reminded me of a debate I got into with a good friend. She was talking about how great Obama is (however, not even thinking to address any issues she supported that he stands for). One thing that struck me about what she said was "he is just such a great speaker. whenever he speaks i cry." i honestly believe, that is what got her vote.

Budsy Jean said...

I made a similar comment on a previous blog, Victoria. When I ask most people who voted for Obama why they voted for Obama, they say, "We need a change." Do they even know what the change is - who knows. Obama's charasmatic style attracts people, and we all know that, historically, charisma can turn human beings into lemmings who blindly follow without thought of the consequences. "Catch the wave!" Well, now we have 4 years of "the wave". Hopefully, it won't develop into a tsunami!

DC said...

Thank you both for the comments! Actually someone on my facebook wrote just "Charisma" under the note about "Does Leadership Matter?" His charisma can be enticing, but at the same time deceiving. I care more about someone's political stances when it comes to electing officials than whether or not they can inspire people, cuz when it comes down to it what matter is whether or not our nation is headed in a direction of prosperity or a time of prolonged recession/depression.


Budsy Jean said...

I agree. Charisma may attract my attention, but if there is nothing there - forget it. And, I'm not saying that Obama has nothing there. To date, I've certainly only read that he is a thoughtful person. I just don't agree with his proposed fiscal policies, and I'm afraid that there are people who didn't care about is policies and voted based on charisma.

A really good example of an uncharismatic president was Woodrow Wilson. Nothing exciting about him, but a very affective president, and a man who, in my opinion, is overlooked by the historians.