Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UFO at Obama Inauguration

So I was listening to Darkness Radio a couple nights ago (talk show on Sunday nights that reports on weird news) and someone said there was footage of a UFO at the Obama inauguration on CNN. Sure enough, here is the clip from CNN. It should come in somewhere between the 10 and 13 second mark:

To the CNN page with the video.

Pretty weird, don't you think?


Budsy Jean said...

I saw a UFO when I was younger. I was lying on my back in the yard in my hometown, and just looking at the sky. A round silver object appeared in the sky above me, virtually, out of nowhere. It appeared to be about as large as a nickle. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared. My neighbor who lived across the street saw the same thing. My mom told me it was likely a weather balloon, although I've never seen a weather balloon appear that quickly, hover for a few seconds, and then disappear as fast as it appeared. Strange.

About that same time, some of the area cattle farmers were experiencing cattle killings, where the cattle would be completely fine the evening before, but in the morning they would find some of the cattle dead. All of the blood would be drained out of the cow, but no visable wounds were on the cow.

I believe that in this vast universe there is all kinds of life! Pretty cool!

DC said...

That's awesome! You should tell Victoria! No matter what I say she just keeps saying, "THEY AREN'T REAL! ALIENS ARE NOT REAL!"

Victoria said...

haha i swear i cannot believe that they are real. even after all these stories. haha

Budsy Jean said...

I just figure that, statistically, there are many other solar systems within the universe, and, logically, some of those solar systems likely support life, including human or human-like life. I certainly don't believe that God is an alien or that we will all be taken on space ships. But, there is space in my belief system to think that our benevolent God created beyond what I can possibly understand or know. And, that is okay with me.