Friday, February 13, 2009

American Students 'biased' Towards Capitalism?

In this week's edition of The Aquin, the St. Thomas weekly school newspaper, there was an article written by Rebecca Omastiak titled "Obama may help renew St. Thomas' Cuban ties." Basically it talks about the history the past couple decades between St. Thomas and the University of Havana, which includes Dean Dennis Dease visiting in the early 1990s and about 20 faculty members in 1999.

It then addresses the possibility of exchange and study abroad programs between our own University of St. Thomas and University of Havana. This is where a quote is made that is quite off-topic i.m.o. in which a student said, "American students have a natural bias towards capitalism, and it would be good for them to see a different system." As government intervention and regulation of the free market in the United States becomes more and more intense, we hardly are living in a truly capitalist society. Ask anyone who has tried to start a business recently about all the regulations they must adhere to. Just look at our income tax system: in a truly capitalist society, there would not be a tax system that punishes and takes away incentives of creating more wealth.

By all means, I think it is good for Americans to see a 'different system,' it is important to keep in mind we are hardly a truly capitalist nation. And this bias towards capitalism of American students this student speaks of is hard to justify with the overwhelming support the Democratic Party (and Obama specifically) has on college campuses. This would seem to be in contradiction to the students claim. If anything, they are biased away from capitalism.

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