Friday, February 13, 2009

Congressman Paul's Reaction to Stimulus being passed

What I find most astounding about this bill is that the Legislators were not even given copies of the bill to read! What an amazing day and age we live in where people are actually voting IN FAVOR of legislation that they have not read. How can you vote for something you have not read? Especially if it is over 1,000 pages?


Dual Income No Kids said...

Paul in 2012.

Steve Hill said...

I really surprised that a filibuster did not occur. If there was any congressman with any sense and backbone, this bill would not have passed yesterday.

DC said...


Yeah!!! I would be surprised if he did not at least run for the Republican nomination. He will be 77 years old, but then again, would you rather have a 77 year old who knows what he is doing or some 50something who is just another neo-con?


Definitely. I wonder what the situation was like in the Senate, if they would even have a chance to filibuster or you are probably right, that no Senator wanted to look like 'the bad guy' who 'stopped the much-needed stimulus from passing.'