Monday, February 2, 2009

A Sign From God?

This may sound a little goofy (you probably will just think I’m a college student too hopped up on caffeine) but something happened to me that is not explainable. Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on my choice of finance for my major, and actually recently decided I will stay an extra semester and double major in Finance/Econ.

When I first came to St. Thomas I was set on a Financial Management major and a Political Science minor (which then turned into a double major). After a while I realized I like economics and thought it ‘fit’ better with Finance, so I dropped Political Science altogether (after taking a total of two political science classes).

I have always been interested in politics, but this past year I have taken it into overdrive (borderline addiction). I started a blog, donated dollars to my first candidate, went to the Rally for the Republic, started listening to talk radio, read multiple web sites with political news, and now am part of a web log (amazingly, a group blog where the first candidate I ever donated to also posts!). I could probably list over 50 political books I want to read, and would love to be involved in politics the rest of my life.

So why am I not pursuing a political science degree? Well, I figured, I like business and finance is something that intrigues me. But really, when someone is so passionate about a subject and easily could spend a lifetime researching, commenting, and writing about such a topic, maybe I’m looking at the wrong profession?

Anyway, so I have four business classes this semester (two finance, one marketing, one accounting). Overload? Perhaps. So I was not too keen on the marketing class, and would rather put it off (I will need to take it eventually if I want a finance major). So I looked to see if there were any other classes during that time. Sure enough, there is a political science class that one of my all time favorite professors is teaching. I emailed him if I could get in, and sure enough, I could. I have never dropped a class during a regular semester, this would be a huge first.

So this is what happened: I went in to do the change (after hours of tossing the idea around in my head…I would hate to take a class if I wasn’t going to get the degree) but somehow the marketing class was already dropped? Had I gone in and dropped it myself??? When??? I’m sure I hadn’t. I can say with 100% honesty no matter how long I try to remember when I did this, I simply cannot! Well, I happily joined the political science class. Sign from God? Maybe. Hopefully.


jpberthiaume said...

It's not out of the question. What's likely a bigger sign from God is that you are drawn to something you can be most passionate about (politics). He might figure you can do His work best there.

I don't want to speak for God, and I'll always advise praying about it (and LISTENING), but He's giving us His best every day even though we often want to look for the unexplainable for his message.

You will come around to being pro-life, I'm fairly certain of it. When you do, I'll work on your campaign...

Victoria said...

God definitely does crazy things and speaks to us in ways you could never dream of :) im excited for you hun i know it will make you happier taking the poli sci class :)

DC said...


-I agree, it's important to not put anything past God.

If I was running for office today, I would run on a pro-life platform. I don't know if that means anything to you, though.

But can I hold you to that promise in the future? ; )

-I love you : )

jpberthiaume said...

If it is an affordable situation for our family and you have the conviction to stand up for the life of the unborn (even if you aren't sure they are human life but because you aren't sure they are human life -- that's a good enough reason), I'm in. I'm on board with just about everything else (and all of the important stuff).

When you decide to make a go of it, give me a call.

DC said...


Sounds great! I have this cool idea (involves pro-life stuff) that I will message you sometime. I think it's a sweet idea that maybe one day can become a huge thing. But hey, thanks for the support. Could be a while (a decade maybe?) but maybe eventually!

Thanks again,


Budsy Jean said...

Maybe you got up in your sleep and cancelled the class on-line? :-) Victoria is absolutely correct. Sometimes, when we are struggling or not listening, God will thump us on the head. You were too slow/indecisive to cancel the class, and He did it for you! Not surprising. I could tell you some stories!

It might add to the overall cost, but some of the best classes that I took in college were the classes not necessarily directly related to my majors/minor. Of course, I realize that it was much less expensive to attend college 'back in the day'. I completely encourage you to take the classes apart from your chosen tract(s) that interest you, if at all possible.

Maybe something will be revealed to you in this class that might impact your life in some way. Once you have completed your college education, you likely won't go back again. Take the classes while you can. You don't want to wish that you did something that you didn't.