Saturday, February 7, 2009

Susan Collins - I think you are a Democrat, not a Republican!

Susan Collins, a "Republican" Senator from Maine, is one of only a handful GOP Senators who might approve the massive spending bill the Democrats and Obama Administration has been pushing the past couple weeks. My major question: Is she a Republican? After looking at her stances on issues, she seems to be in favor of big government.

Now, I know what some might say, "the neo-cons are all in favor of big government!" But hear me out. Neo-cons and liberals alike are in favor of big government, but most neo-cons are pro-life. Susan Collins basically is against any limits on abortion. She even "Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions except for maternal life. (Mar 2003)." Come on, even if you are on the fence whether or not the government should be intervening when it comes to abortions, we should at the very least have a consensus that partial-birth abortions should be banned.

I think Republicans are finding their conservative principles. I applaud all the Congressmen and women who have stood up and recognized this bill for what it is: a massive spending bill. The worst part about this whole situation is that it is meant to 'stimulate' our economy. How can taking nearly a trillion dollars OUT of the private sector and putting it into the irresponsible hands of government to spend as they please 'stimulate' the economy?

Check out this great quote from Arizona Senator John Kyle:
If you knew a bill in the U.S. Senate would cause a recession in 10 years, would you support it?" asked Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona. "That's what the Congressional Budget Office, the bipartisan office that supports our efforts in the Congress, says about this legislation. ... There will be negative [gross domestic product] in this decade as a result of this legislation.
Here is the problem with 'compromise' on this spending bill: Conservative and Liberals have fundamentally different views on how to 'fix' the economy. Conservatives (now, I'm not speaking for all the neo-cons who have grown the government the past decade, but true Conservatives) believe that government intervention is just going to make it worse, and spending billions upon billions (possibly trillions) will just prolong the private market recovery. Liberals (for the most part, especially the ones in office today) believe in Keynesian economics which has the belief that the government can spend it's way out of a recession.

From this we can easily see that anyone who votes for this bill but calls themselves 'Conservatives' are simply contradicting themselves. I'm sorry, Susan Collins, you are not Conservative and your 'leaving the partisan politics to get things done' is actually you just re-affirming yourself as a big-government liberal. Below is from CNN:
Tax cuts include incentives for small businesses, a one-year fix of the unpopular alternative-minimum tax and tax cuts for low-and-middle-income families, said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the most prominent Republican negotiator in the bipartisan talks.

"Our country faces a grave economic crisis, and the American people want us to work together,' she said. 'They don't want to see us dividing along partisan lines on the most serious crisis facing our country."
I suggest you quit trying to pretend that you are a Republican, since you clearly align yourself with a liberal ideology. You would be doing everyone a favor by running for re-election as a Democrat and letting the people actually have a Conservative choice in the next election.

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