Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$20 Match Me Campaign

Yesterday I told a friend (James at http://www.dinksfinance.com) that I was willing to donate $20 to Peter Schiff's Senate Campaign if he were to run. I challenged him to match my contribution, which he agreed. Then I thought what if we could get thousands of people (or even just another handful :P) to match our $20 contribution? This caused me to create a facebook group:


So if you are on facebook and are willing to match our contributions, please join the group! If you are not on facebook, just make a commitment to match us and that is just as good.

Senate races, actually any political race, can be extremely costly. Senate races run in the millions of dollars. Thousands of donations of $20 can really help fund the campaign, more so than one would be led to believe.

So join me in funding this campaign for Peter Schiff, if not against Chris Dodd.

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