Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama - legalizing marijuana not a good strategy to grow economy

Yesterday President Obama laughed at those who have consistently been making it clear on that they want him to address marijuana legalization.

Notice how he 'answers' the question by saying he does not think it is a good strategy for growing our economy. He does not say that it would cause too many social ills or it was addictive or any of the other mainstream reasons for keeping marijuana illegal. Instead he says that he does not think it is a good strategy for growing our economy.

Why not? In fact there has been legislation introduced in such states as California for the legalization of marijuana because it would help the economy through the tax revenue which would help close the gap in their huge budget shortfall. Large taxes on such things as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling have brought in and continue to bring in huge tax revenues. Is it any mystery why Nevada does not have a state income tax?

I'm sorry President Obama, but here's the problem. You don't "think" it's a good strategy to grow the economy, but look at the strategies you are advocating and implementing. There's a growing number of Americans' who are not giving much credit to what you "think" will help the economy. Last time I checked your budget was over $3 trillion dollars and had few tax cuts. Grow the economy with your policies? Good luck with that.

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