Friday, April 10, 2009

Minnesota Representatives/Senators love taxes

The National Taxpayers Union rates members of Congress annually and gives them a grade which is determined by their voting record and how often they voted in the interest of taxpayers.

Minnesota failed miserably.

As far as representatives were concerned, Michele Bachmann is the ONLY representative who received an A with an 81%. John Kline received a B- with a 61% and Jim Ramstad a C- with 43%.

Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum, Jim Oberstar, Collin Peterson, and Tim Walz all received an F. Collin Peterson ranked the highest of this group, with a 21%.

The Senators were no better. Amy Klobuchar received an embarrasing but expected 4%, while the "Conservative" Republican Norm Coleman received a D with only 31%.

The election is over and I hate to revive this point, but this just re-affirmed my belief that I did the right thing by NOT voting for Norm Coleman. I support very few of the positions he has shown to support in his previous term, and the 31% rating he got just shows that he was far from fiscally conservative.

On a lighter note, Michele Bachmann received a very high score. She is truly a fiscal conservative who is representing the Minnesota taxpayer at a time when few Minnesota politicians (Democrats and Republicans alike) seem to be.

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