Monday, April 20, 2009

My View on Gay Marriage

Last night Perez Hilton asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean, whether or not she thought that gay marriage should be legalized. Here's the clip.

First of all, what the heck? A JUDGE of the competition asks for a contestant's view on an issue he clearly is totally emotionally involved in. He obviously expects the candidate to spout his view, since he IS the judge. But nope she was not going to be used like that, and told truthfully what she thought regardless of the ramifications of her answer.

This got me thinking about marriage legislation and the government. What does marriage mean to the government? You basically register with the government and you get a piece of paper, your marriage certificate. You also get certain legal rights such as being able to be in the hospital room of your spouse as well as some tax implications.

Morally, many Christians believe that gay marriage is wrong. There are a number of verses in the bible which point out that argument. This issue has divided the country, with some calling for a Constitutional amendment barring same-sex couples from becoming married and defining marriage as one man and one woman.

Here's the problem: married couples are given more rights than unmarried couples, some of which were stated above. How do you reconcile this clearly unequal status in the government's eyes as well as stand up for your morals.

My Standing

Why is the government even in the business of marriage? Why are they not certifying confirmations, baptisms, bar-mitzvah's, and more? Marriage is much more than a piece of paper and a standing in the government's eyes. Can't two people love each other and be very close if they are of the same sex? Obviously the answer is yes, as many same-sex couples ARE obviously in love with each other. Should they not have the convenience of joint tax returns as well as be able to be at the other's dying bedside?

Get the government OUT of marriage. Allow "registration" of "unions" for both man and woman couples AND same-sex couples. Allow the church to deal with the issue on a level playing field. If a same-sex couple gets married in a formal ceremony, your issue should not be with the government but with the minister who gave the ceremony. The government is not going to stop any same-sex couples from becoming married, it just won't happen. There will always be some state with legalized marriage. What is almost laughable is the fact the couple can be married in one state but not in the other.

Legislating marriage is legislating morality, and the problem is people have different levels of morality. There are some laws that pertain to morality that are meant to protect one person or the other, such as young children from sexual predators, but this is truly a situation where there is not a victim.

After that somewhat serious blog post, I thought I'd lighten the mood with this: best man fail :P


Matt said...

i laughed

Andrester said...

The argument is so true, get the religion out of civil marriages like many other countries do and let whoever is in love and want to get married married, because we all know that the states that have allowed gay marriage have neither entered into the 7th circle of hell by allowing this nor have the children been FORCED to learn about gay marriage (it's all over the news anyways,) nor have people wanted to marry pets, plants and other inanimate objects, CT,MA,VT,IA, they have all gone on with their lives. I agree that video made me laugh, although I was waiting for bridezilla to start yelling and swearing...