Friday, April 24, 2009

Save the Polar Bears!

At work one day a few months back I got into a discussion about global warming with a co-worker. They gave a very simple and understandable example of how environmental legislation can and will create unprecedented intrusions into the private lives of citizens.

First, one must take note of the words used in the environmental debate. The enivros as I like to call them (think Al Gore) are moving away from using the term "global warming," and for good reason. Think about it: if we start experiencing cooler weather (as we have the past couple years) and this trend continues, their arguments will be hurt.

Instead the new phrase to use is "climate change."

How ironic that we are concerned about climate change, since climate has been changing since the beginning of time! This is just a tactic to keep the issue on the table...forever.

But here is the story you need to hear. The polar bear was added to the endangered species list last May, the first species to be put on the list due primarily due to "global warming" concerns. "So what" one might say. But here is how the far left enviros could use this event to support a green agenda that would intrude into our lives and increase taxes.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) which was passed in the 1970s could open up for government to put restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, or tax these emissions heavily based on the fact that they are contributing towards making an endangered species extinct. Anything and everything that emits greenhouse gases could be taxed.

Some on the left might say this logic is ridiculous and nothing of the sort would ever happen. All I have to say to that is: cap and trade. End of Story.

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