Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Awful Eight: Environment Bill Passes Thanks To 8 Republicans

Yesterday H.R. 2454 passed by a final vote of 219-212 passed the House of Representatives. Only eight Republicans voted in favor of this bill. If these eight Republicans had voted against the bill, this massive tax increase would have been shot down. But sure enough, it passed the House and is headed to the Senate. With the large majority Democrats boast in the Senate, I just don’t see this bill being voted out.

What is possibly the most disturbing part of this bill is the fact that nobody could have possibly read the 300 plus page amendment that was added to the bill at 3 a.m. Friday morning. House minority Leader John Boehner pointed out the many ludicrous additions found in this amendment.

The energy bill will surely join the Patriot Act and the recent stimulus bill as the most recent member of a not-so-exclusive club. This club is made up of massive measures passed in a hurry before it was physically possible for the members to have read and understood the bill.

We have got to start holding our elected representatives to a higher standard. If not just for the flawed reasoning among many other serious problems with this bill, then at least reading the bill should have been a required prerequisite before voting a bill into law. I would applaud representatives from both sides of the aisle who state they can’t consciously and honestly vote for a bill that they have not had enough time to read and fully understand. All the implications of a bill should be taken into consideration before a representative can vote in favor of it; otherwise a no vote should be the standard.

This cap and trade “clean energy” bill is simply going to burden our economy in a time when over regulation and government policies have already tanked our economy. China, India, and all other developed countries surely applaud yesterday’s passage, as they gain yet another leg up on the United States in the global economy. Worse yet, this bill does NOTHING to fight global warming, not even bringing down the global temperature by half a percent Fahrenheit by 2050! Surely you would need to review the science and reasoning of such a massive proposition if you were going to vote it into law? Apparently this common sense does not apply to over two hundred elected representatives who passed the measure.

There is no excuse for the eight Republicans to have voted for passage. There is simply none! Any argument they can present in favor of the bill ultimately is trumped by the fact they surely could not have a grasp of the full implications of the bill since they did not read it, let alone process the information.

Here is what I like to call the “awful eight.” Their vote yesterday should result in nothing short of the end of their political career

Bono Mack (CA)
Castle (DE)
Kirk (IL)
Lance (NJ)
Lobiondo (NJ)
McHugh (NY)
Reichert (WA)
Chris Smith (NJ)

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