Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disturbing Stories - ABC working for Obama and “TeddyCare”

So there are two very disturbing new stories I came across today, and I just have to share them.

The first news story originated on The Drudge Report. Basically, on June 24th programming will indirectly (or directly, depending how you look at it) be given over to the Obama Administration for an hour to push the Democratic health care agenda. Charlie Gibson will be airing World News from the White House and it will be talking specifically about health care reform. Problem is, there will be no representation from a free market health care advocate, just the socialized health care side. Yikes! Luckily Lost (the best show on television) will not be back until winter so I can join in the boycott of ABC.

The second news article goes along with the first: Socialized health care. Now being called “TeddyCare” after Ted Kennedy, this scary piece of legislation (not yet an official bill) should make anyone who loves liberty and freedom quite literally freak out. This proposed piece of legislation would include a federal database of medical records. What the author of this article is trying to get at is this health care system would ultimately be mandatory. Besides that, all information shared at a doctor’s meeting would be put into the database. Admitting something like “I smoked marijuana ten years ago” could put you in jeopardy of losing gun rights. Grandpa has Alzheimer’s? His antique gun collection would be taken away. As a libertarian, this type of stuff really makes me cringe.

So there are your two disturbing stories for today. It is unfortunate that we have gone this far in the direction of socialism.

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