Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fall From Grace: Mark Sanford

My personal favorite choice for the Republican Presidential candidate for 2012 was none other than South Carolina's Mark Sanford. As most of you know, he admitted to an extra-marital affair with a woman from Argentina. He even disappeared for a few days last weekend to meet up with her.

I was all set to do anything I could to get this guy in office, starting with the Republican nomination. Now I truly have no idea who I will get behind. Granted it is early, but I would hate to go through another Presidential election cycle where I can't get behind the Republican "conservative party" nominee.

Just look at our last nominee, McCain. Clueless on economics, a strong believer in our imperialistic foreign policy, supportive of the war on drugs, and probably incapable of explaining why the Federal Reserve should be abolished. Heck, he voted for the bailout! The economic policies that he supports are literally destroying America. In The little book of bull moves in bear markets Peter Schiff explains that if McCain had won the election, the same economic policies would have been implemented, and the media would crucify capitalism as an utter failure, despite the fact McCain is FAR from a free market supporter. Now at least we can fully blame the failure of the President's economic policies as interventionist.

Sanford was as free market as the GOP had (not counting Ron Paul, of course). Now his entire career is tainted and it would be a mistake to run him against Obama. Who do we run? I can compromise on issues (I'm a big supporter of Michele Bachmann, despite the fact she would probably never vote for bills legalizing marijuana or online poker, for example) and Sanford I was willing to compromise on some issues because he was such a free market supporter. We'll have to see what field of candidates run for the GOP nomination, and go from there.


Lexs said...

I too was excited about a possible Sanford 2012 run and was so disappointed with this turn of events. I enjoy your site and it gave me a psychological boost I needed today. Thanks!

DC said...

Yeah we will be okay. I hate to have another four years of Obama, but he (as well as fellow Dems) are doing a lot of damage to their party, though they might not know it yet. I truly believe people like McCain, Bush, etc. have odne a lot of damage to the Republicans because many see them as the face of limited government/free market while in reality they are not.

We just have to keep defending the free market and not let worthless politicians destroy it!