Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liberty Candidates Gearing up for Congressional Runs

Last fall I followed the B.J. Lawson campaign daily. Lawson is what I like to call a “liberty candidate.” To me, a liberty candidate is a candidate who promotes such things as free market (Austrian) economics, sound monetary policy, a foreign policy of freedom, and is generally libertarian-leaning. Last fall, Lawson became the first candidate I have ever donated money to. This was the least I could do for someone who is willing to stand up to the liberal and neo-con political machine that runs Washington.

I saw an article on Liberty Maven that said Lawson is gearing up for another run. There is no official announcement, but I hope this is true. The current Representative of North Carolina’s 4th District is Democrat David Price. A quick look at some of the stances Price has on issues should be enough for anyone to become excited about a possible liberty candidate knocking Price out of office.

Next year will be different. There is not just one liberty candidate who is running. Besides Lawson, there are three more that are making runs. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, will be running for Senator of Kentucky. Adam Kokesh will be running for House of Representatives out in New Mexico. Also, RJ Harris will be running for House of Representatives in Oklahoma. These are three solid liberty candidates whose campaigns I will be following very closely for the next 14 plus months.

In a recent interview with The Motor Home Diaries, Ron Paul makes a statement that a few extra people in Congress will help, but that the mindset of Americans as a whole must be changed. I truly do believe that getting a few extra liberty-minded individuals into Congress will help change the mindset of Americans. If you look at the Libertarian Party, the problem does not necessarily lie with their ideology, but their lack of elected representatives. Ron Paul has made the impact he has by working within the Republican Party. Sure he often is in disagreement with the party line, but the impact he has made is phenomenal. I think that not only will these campaigns bring libertarian ideas into the mainstream, but if these candidates do in fact make it in office it is just the tip of the iceberg for the liberty movement.

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