Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schiff Set To Run!

In a video blog posted today by Peter Schiff, President and owner of Euro Pacific Capital who is known for predicting the housing bubble well before it burst, has announced that he plans on running for Senate.

He will run...IF the funding is there. This makes sense, of course, because he arguably is not as well known among primary voters as his competition, and funds can help this in a few ways:

1) Media Attention - If he raises large sums of money for his campaign, the media will definitely cover this fact, giving him exposure to potential voters.

2) Momentum - Raising funds can work wonders for a campaign. The Ron Paul Presidential campaign raised $4 and $6 million respectively in its two money bombs. Ask anyone who took part in this and they will tell you it really got them pumped and ready to go.

3) Spending funds on advertising will give Schiff more exposure to potential voters, which is the ultimate goal.

He said he will need at least $20 million to win the campaign. He will only run if the funding is there, and he plans on running to win. If you listen in the video, it is pretty obvious this guy does not waste his time, nor does he plan to waste contributors capital on a campaign that is anything less than a campaign to win.

A few months back, before I even followed Schiff closely or had read either of his books (which I know have) I made a facebook group challenging people to match my $20 donation to his campaign. There are now over 160 people in this group. Though it's not a TON of money, it sure as heck is a start. I would love to see someone make a money bomb similar to the August 20th Rand Paul money bomb where we will attempt to raise over $1 million in one day. Schiff and Paul both need our support, and I hope others will join me in donating whatever they can (even $5 would help) towards their campaigns. Oh, and of course, if he decides that the funding just isn't there, he will refund every dollar you give to his campaign!

So check out his video blog and join the fight for common sense in Washington!


Schiff's Campaign Site

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dane said...

Check out Schiff on the Lew Rockwell show (scroll down to episode 104 when you follow the link):

Episode 104. Peter Schiff: Why Was Anyone Surprised By the Crash?

It is the best explanation of the housing bubble I have ever heard...